Each family requires different assistance from their nanny. For example, a family may opt to hire a nanny when both parents work and prefer to keep their children at home instead of sending them to a daycare while another family may hire one to be a second pair of hands for their children even when a parent is home.

A nanny, very often, becomes an extended member of the family; that’s why it’s important to make sure you hire one who is experienced, has good references, a clean background, and who you feel confident leaving your children with.

A nanny’s main responsibilities are to provide and maintain a clean, organized, safe, fun, and loving environment for the children while their parents are not available. Nannies may also drive the children to school or to any after school activities and some are willing to travel with the family when needed. Other responsibilities may include taking children clothes or grocery shopping and to and from doctor appointments.

Nanny Housekeeper

Some families request only one nanny/housekeeper for their household instead of hiring multiple employees. In these situations the nanny has to maintain the house as well as take care of the children. When the children are very young, and there is no extra time to fully maintain the household, the family will hire additional domestic help to perform deep cleaning of the home. But if the children attend school, the nanny can have full charge of the household while they are gone. It is expected that this nanny housekeeper will receive higher pay to hold both positions.

We provide varying availabilities to fit your needs:
· Full Time (40-55 hours per week)
· Part Time (16-30 hours per week)
· Temporary or Summer

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