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Fairy Maids offers other domestic help including:

  • Babysitters On Call:

    The babysitter on call is available 24 hours 7 days a week for any babysitting needs including emergency situations such as a sick child, unexpected business trip, sitter cancellations, special occasions such as private parties, weddings, vacations and hotel stays, etc.

  • Move In / Out:

    Thorough cleaning by a housekeeper once you’ve moved out of your home or prior to moving into your new home.

  • Organizers:

    Organize a closet packed to the brim with clothing and shoes and rearrange it in the best way possible, address a playroom littered with toys, assist with paperwork pileups, attack a jam-packed attic, basement or garage, help out in life-changing situations like a downsized home, a big move or a merging of households.

  • After School Pick Ups:

    We can arrange to pickup your child or children on a regular basis.

  • Personal Assistant:

    Personal assistants are the quintessential multi-taskers. They meet deadlines and requests in a timely manner, and remain focused under pressure. Whether they are planning social or special events, negotiating prices for various projects, they are patient and understanding, always with the goal to successfully complete the task at hand.

  • House Manager/Estate Manager:

    Supervising a full-time staff, screening, interviewing and training new employees, staff scheduling and coordinating employee vacations and sick days, act as a liaison between the staff and the employer, coordinating all maintenance and repairs, very knowledgeable on household security systems, computer literate, managing multiple family homes, arranging travel schedules, maintenance; coordinating all details with staff, answering phones, screening calls, maintaining calendar and scheduling appointments, running errands as needed, planning parties and special events.

  • Chef/Cook:

    Their experience encompasses catering special events, private home cooking, and kitchen consulting. Others are focused on nutritious fare, and abide by any dietary restrictions or requirements you may have. There are macrobiotic chefs, zone diet chefs, chefs that will prepare meals for weight loss, and chefs that will teach you how to cook! A full time chef will prepare two or three meals per day, five days per week. This may include entertaining for small and large dinner parties. They will provide you with menu selections and take direction from you according to your specific likes and dislikes. Some of our clients want a chef only a few days each week. The chef will cook at your home for that day and can prepare delicious meals for you to enjoy the next day. You may prefer a chef just once a week to stock your refrigerator with delectable salads, healthy snacks, savory main dishes and mouth-watering desserts. Whatever your tastes, from Classic French cuisine to American home cooking, we are capable of providing you with a chef that will give you a wonderful epicurean experience.

  • Laundress:

    A Laundress washes, irons and steams clothing, table linens and sheets, as well as organizes the closets and dressers.

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