Thank you for your interest in our professional services. We will match you with the best domestic help for your family needs.

Domestic help rates may vary depending on many factors such as:

  • Type of domestic service
  • Candidate experience
  • Education
  • Job responsibilities
  • Part time or full time employment
  • Permanent or temporary employment
  • Live in or live out

Please contact us for detailed rate information based on your domestic needs.  We’re happy to find the domestic helper who will accommodate your budget.

Agency Permanent Placement Fee:

For the placement of any permanent domestic help, it’s one time fee of 7% of the employee gross annual salary.  This fee provides a four month guaranteed domestic helper replacement at no charge.

Agency Temporary Placement Fee:

For the placement of any temporary domestic help, it’s 25% of the applicant gross earnings for each and every assignment.

  • On every placement you will receive our formal comprehensive placement and fee agreement, which describes our terms and conditions in greater detail.

We custom make all your domestic needs!

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