Home Organization Tips by Fairy Maids

How to Keep Your Home Organized

1) Invest in clear containers to store items

2) Get creative: A great way to display jewelry and makeup that is scattered all over the sink area is to use a cork board or a bulletin board as a storage tool.

3) Use a magazine holder

4) Maximize closet space with a shoe organizer

5) Don’t be a hoarder. That stuffed animal you’ve had since you were five years old collecting dust in the back of your closet? Donate it to a child in need. Your room is more organized, and a child is happy… you both win!

For at home needs including organization, cleaning, home care, and general domestic help, look no further than Southern California-based referral agency Fairy Maids. Their moto: “We want you to call us, but more importantly, we want you to call us again!”

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Better Than a Fairy Godmother

Between the rush hour traffic, taking the kids to school and sports practice, or running errands, there is hardly any energy left to clean the home. Rather than let the mess grow or stay up late to clean, look to maid services.

Maid Services in Agoura Hills, Ca

At Fairy Maids, we understand that keeping your home clean is often pushed down on a long list of priorities. It is there causing undue stress or aggravation. Our services are here to take the pressure off of your shoulders. Call us today to alleviate the stress of a messy home. We can be reached at 818.879.0103


Party Helpers

Party helpers will assist you on many different occasions such as, birthday parties, holiday parties, or any general parties that you need help with. They may help with room decorations, setting up tables, preparing food, replenish dishes and after party clean-up. A party helper can be hired for parties in the home or for parties held in other locations such as hotels or community centers.

There is a minimum of 4 hours per each occasion.

Our candidates complete a detailed application. We personally interview them and check their previous experience by calling their references and speaking with the families.

We provide thorough criminal background checks.

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